I was talking to a friend who was in the audience for tonight’s open dress rehearsal of opera. She said some people nearby were talking about the “copper and the woodwinds” in the orchestra. Too funny! To top it off one of them then said, “I used to play triangle.”

I sometimes wish they had microphones in the audience so we could hear them chat.

So our final dress is over. Opening night is Saturday. I thought tonight went quite well. Even if I also though my reeds were attempting to rebel a bit. (No surprise there. Silly reeds.)

(If you are still puzzling over the “copper and woodwinds” … that’s brass and woodwinds.)


  1. Loved the triangle comment! Your post reminded me of a story a former conductor told me once. He said after a few days following a concert, he received a letter from one of the audience members. They said, “We thoroughly enjoyed the symphony concert last weekend but there is something we find disturbing and we think you should know about it. Whenever you turn your back to part of the orchestra, they stop playing!”

  2. Heh … too funny!

    It IS fun … and somewhat amazing … to hear what some audience members say, isn’t it? One woman at my (now former) church came up to me to complain; she thought it awfully rude of the principal trumpet to leave the stage just because he was done, since the rest of the orchestra still had a lot to play. I had to explain that he had an offstage trumpet part (we were doing Mahler, I believe). We also got a letter from some older ladies once, complaining about a PDQ Bach concert. They were furious, as they thought they were going to be hearing Bach. (This was at a Pops Concert!)