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… and you know how long it took me to get a visitor from Montana? A long, long time. So maybe that’s why what he (she?) writes about opera doesn’t bother me too much:

Of all the unfathomable things attendant to my own psychology, one of the most difficult to reconcile is this: I have made a living as both a musician and a storyteller, yet when you combine the two art forms, I absolutely dread and often despise the outcome. In fact, I usually run like a scalded ape from any possibility of such a combination occuring within earshot. So, you can imagine my surprise, my horror, when my visit to the University of Montana Symphony on Tuesday night concert morphed into — yikes, yikes and triple yikes! — opera!!!


I was just talking to Dan yesterday about how one person can love something so much she can barely control herself and another might react with horror at the same thing. Or disdain. Or, as happens to me sometimes, an ache in the stomach. (Really. Sometimes when I am stuck in a place where I have to hear or see something I find horrendous I get a pain in the belly.) Taste is one weird thing.

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