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Dan sometimes comments on my dirty screen. I find this odd. I’ll not say why here. 🙂

But anyway … need your screen cleaned?


This was probably the best reception we have ever had at the opera. The audience was quite enthusiastic. I suspect a great deal of it has to do with Scott Bearden, but the other cast members were quite strong too, and I think it was a good performance.

And I enjoyed playing the oboe solo. Really. But do I dare admit that? Is that a way to make me fail next time? Hmmm.

Anyway, I’m tired, but wired. Typical after-concert issue.

Tomorrow we do it all again with a different cast. Should be good!

List of tonight’s cast:

Rigoletto: Scott Bearden
Gilda: Khori Dastoor
Duke of Mantua: Christopher Bengochea
Sparafucile: Carlos Aguilar
Maddalena: Cybele Gouverneur
Count Monterone: Silas Elash
Marullo: Daniel Cilli
Borsa: Andrew Park
Giovanna: Tori Grayum
Count Ceprano: Lantz Warrick
Countess Ceprano: Amanda Mendon Jas
Page: Melinda Becker

Bravi Tutti!

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They were all churning out operas of mine. It was clearly impossible for me to work under such conditions, so I hired the organs from their owners. It will cost me about 1,500 lire for the summer, but that is not too large a price to pay for peace.

-Giuseppe Verdi

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I’ve sometimes wondered (okay, not all that often, but some time around when the nominations are revealed) how Grammy nominations happen, and who chooses the winners. This article helps clear things up. Knowing the answer now … well … it’s simply life changing.

Or maybe not.

Will I watch the grammies? Oh, I suppose if nothing else is on. It’s entertaining to see what the attendees will wear (or not wear). But I usually find it so darn boring I don’t last and I do channel hopping. Still, I’ll just be home from opera, so a bit of mindless entertainment won’t hurt, will it?