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From my husband …

Q: What’s the difference between Silicon Valley and yogurt?

A: Yogurt has culture.

Heh. True, true.

As I was telling Dan, I saw my doctor on Friday and she asked me if I was still playing in San Jose Symphony (RIP). I told her that group actually died quite some time ago, and that I now play in Symphony Silicon Valley, and that I am very happy to have the job, but that our service numbers were cut down by more than half. She expressed dismay and shock that this valley let the symphony die.

But … but … she didn’t even know it had died! She lives here. Hmmm.

So I guess “my” music isn’t her thing, and I guess I shouldn’t expect it to be. But it did make me laugh (inside) that she expressed disappointment in Silicon Valley’s lack of support of our group, even while she never attended a concert and didn’t realize we’ve been out of business since 2002. She wasn’t the only one who acted this way. So many of my church acquaintances expressed the same thing, “Well, I never went, but I can’t believe this place can’t keep a symphony alive.”

Oh. Well.

Here is where Dan found the joke. Looks as if Guy Kawasaki is actually suggesting this joke may no longer be true.


(While at that site you MUST check out this entry. And that’s an order.)

Now off to church I go!

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