If you have a blog that has dark background and white (or light) print, I cannot read it. I immediately get a headache and my eyes go bonkers. I’ve read some bloggers saying that they actually prefer the dark background and light print, but it’s a mystery to me how that can be! SO … I’m not about to link to the dark background/light print sites because I don’t want to make the mistake of visiting those sites. Or perhaps I’ll have a special category with a warning. Maybe that’s better? As if anyone really cares what I’m doing! But if you do want to make this simple oboist happy, you can do what An Unamplified Voice did and give me the option to lighten your site. That would be ever so nice, don’t you think? And very clever too.

News you can — but possible won’t — use. 😉

Okay … I’ve decided to mark those blogs: (*DBLP*) is my warning. I’ll just check those ones out via my RSS feed. (The blogger won’t get the hit though, right?) It’s just safer for yours truly. You can click on the links if you aren’t bothered by the DBLP thing.

And just in case you wonder: Jillian’s site is no problem at all. Joyce DiDonato’s is nearly not okay but I can deal. This is a killer. It just does me in.


  1. I changed my theme, so now you can change your description of my blog from “a killer” or just “killer.” 😉


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  3. I echo that! I can’t stand the white text on black background. The only thing that pains me more is centered red text on a black background with animated GIFs on the sides. I’ve seen that a lot (though thankfully not on too many arts blogs!).

  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one, Jason! I’ve seen the black background with white text so often I started to think my eyes going buggy was only my problem. 🙂