I think I’m too tired to know how tired I am. That’s how tired.

I’m just home from opera. Tuesday performances are tough, because I’ve been “over the hill” (I know, I know, I’m always over one hill … but I’m talking about another kind). I had students at UCSC today. The drive always tires me out. Then I got home to teach, but found out at the last minute that the student who hadn’t canceled due to illness wasn’t going to be coming after all. So that was one of those canceled lessons that was probably a blessing, although I really don’t like students to cancel. (I am starting to ponder charging by the month; already this week five of my students have canceled. And it’s only Tuesday!)

As I sat there for Act I all I could think of was how exhausted I felt. Well, and I also thought, “I don’t know how I’m going to play the second act solo.” But of course ya do what ya gotta do, and I played it, and it went well.

Even with an oboe that is giving me trouble.

Yep. Figures, doesn’t it? I have reeds, so the oboe says, “MY TURN!” Something is awry with the C#. If I adjust what I believe I’m supposed to adjust to allow me to play left D# while still holding down C# the C# is totally bonkers when I just play that. (The low C key is leaky.) So tomorrow I’ll pull out Sawicki’s instructions and see if I can figure this thing out.

This was Scott Bearden’s second of four performances. If you want to see and hear him in San Jose you probably want to come to one of the other two; I doubt he’ll grace us with his presence after this. I think the other cast is excellent as well, so you could also choose to hear that.

Or heck … come to both! Why not? 🙂

I was thinking of having a small bit of blackberry wine when I got home. Alas, Dan is already asleep. I don’t do the drinking thing alone. So it will have to wait. Wouldn’t ya know?

With all this writing about being tired I guess I should be a responsible puppy and get to bed.

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“Audio so clear you can hear the baton drop.”

This is from an advertisement on the radio. About the station.

I’m sorry, but I think if the conductor drops the baton they’ll edit that sound out, won’t they? Most are horribly embarrassed when they do that. Except, of course, when they are aiming at a player. 😉

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There’s a very tiny (the tiniest of tiny) section of Rigoletto that reminds me of Leroy Anderson’s Blue Tango. I kid you not! 😉

Richard Scheinin loved Scott Bearden. And most of the rest of the cast most of the time. He just didn’t like us. Or not at the beginning anyway. And for the rest there is silence, so I assume the worst. Because that’s the way I am. (I used to have a fortune taped in my reed case: “Hope for the best, assume the worst.” Yeah. I’m pathetic that way!)

Oh well.

Review here.

I still think I played well. Really.

But of course now major doubts will creep in. I hate when that happens. You think you are good but that bad voice starts whispering, “You are a sham!”

Welcome to my life. Heh.