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They are bringing it back! And, of course, updating it.

When a resident clicks a TV remote, for example, lights will dim, music will shut off and the shades will draw as the network realizes a movie is about to start.

… or, well, maybe it’s just that we are watching Survivor. You never know.

(No, I actually don’t watch Survivor. I do have my limits.)

The new home will be made of wood and steel and finished in muted browns and beiges, said Sheryl Palmer, president and chief executive of Taylor Morrison in North America.

So much for my navy blue living room!

In addition, the house is being designed with the double reed player in mind. Installed in one corner of the study is a reed making device. (Each owner chooses his or her instrument of choice (oboe or bassoon), and there is an attachment for the relatives of that instrument, to allow for other reeds—English horn or contra bassoon, for example.) Each morning, when the dwellers rise, they will find a bevy of reeds waiting for them.

Read about it here.

Oh. And yeah, perhaps I added just a bit to the article.

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