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So violinist David Garrett was leaving a hall during intermission, he slipped on some stairs and, landing on his back, fell on his violin case. The violin was damaged in a major way. (You can listen to his story here.)

Painful in so many ways. What a horror!

But what I want to know is … what the heck kind of case was he using that apparently didn’t protect the valuable instrument at all? Are all violin cases that fragile? Or was it just the crashing to the ground, not the crashing on to the case that did the damage? (I’m guessing an oboe in it’s case wouldn’t fare well either, but not because of the owner landing on the case so much as the slamming to the ground.)

Read here. (And if you go here you’ll see an awful lot of blog links as well.)

Jessica Duchen has an entry worth reading.

The guy went to Julliard. I’d never heard of him before. Anyone out there know of this guy? (Looks like he should be auditioning for American Idol or something. Quite the looker.)

Quote: “The most important thing is to have your own sound, your individual style.” Hmmm. Not if it’s bad sound and style. (Not saying this is about him; I’ve not heard him play, aside from the little clips.)

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