16. February 2008 · Comments Off on Prey On This · Categories: Other People's Words

From a “Predator Opera” (not sure what this is, but whatever):

Predator: I must killllllllll yooooooou. Kill you. Kill you. To saaaave yoooouuu.

Veronica: You must not. You cannot. We are destined to beeeee toooogeeeetheeeerrr.

Predator: Killllll yooooouuu. Killllll yooooouuu.

Veronica: Praaay nottt kiiiilll meeee. Love meeee. Looooove meee.

Predator: Maaybee I kiiilll yooou just a little bittttt…

Veronica: But whyyyyy? But whyyyyy?


Heh … someone who commented at the opera writer’s blog linked to a Futurama opera episode. Sounds more like a musical, but it’s pretty funny.

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