In the remainder of the program, the orchestra was in excellent form. The strings traversed the Bizet with Mozartean lightness and clarity, and the second movement featured ravishing playing by both principal oboe Martin Hebert and his fellow oboist Karen Wagner.


How wonderful to see the second oboist get a mention too! It’s not often that the reviewer knows that the solo is played by both the principal and the second oboist. In some ways this is good; it means they match well enough that perhaps the listener can’t hear the exchange. But this savvy reviewer got it. Maybe the score was studied? Or maybe the reviewer is a former oboist. One wonders. Or at least I wonder.


  1. Karen Wagner helped me prep my Strauss for the final round of the concerto competition, while Mr. Hebert helped me with the Strauss last year. They sound much a like, and are very well suited to each other. I had a great time talking to her about “the role of a 2nd oboist”, and learned a lot. I’m pleased for them that they both received mentions in the review.

  2. In that work the second oboist should be mentioned, if you ask me … and if the reviewer doesn’t mention the player, it seems like perhaps he or she is clueless about that solo.

    But what do I know? 😉