19. February 2008 · Comments Off on Tomorrow … · Categories: Ramble

I have my first rehearsal for a new music concert in Santa Cruz. I haven’t a clue how it’ll go; I’m playing oboe (duh) on a three works, but I’m also … drum roll (funny once you continue here) … ready … crescendo drum roll … playing … are you ready for it? … claves and temple blocks.

Betcha didn’t know I played those, eh?

Me neither.

I don’t, in fact, have the instruments. Nor do I know exactly what they look like. Or how to play them.

So there you go.

So yeah, I’m nervous. I can’t imagine how this is going to work. But I’ll give it a go, unless someone comes to my rescue. (How do I go from percussion to oboe and back with barely any time to switch? Yikes!) The concert is here. They serve drinks. Maybe no one will hear me if I make mistakes. Ya think? 😉

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