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… I run across a child’s blog entry. This one is just too cute!

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I recently enjoyed my first experience listening to the Toledo Symphony Orchestra at the Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle. In a subsequent conversation with TSO President and CEO Robert Bell, we talked about the acoustics of the Peristyle shell. Sitting in the first few rows of the middle balcony, the music was clear and affecting, but did not carry the punch or physical resonance I expected.

Mr. Bell arranged for Julie Heigel, TSO marketing director, to offer a special opportunity the next week.
I was invited to observe a weeknight TSO rehearsal of “Carmina Burana,” not just from a front row, but from a seat onstage, literally in the middle of the orchestra.

Read what he thought after his experience in the middle of the muddle here.

Next I think they ought to have him sit in on a reed making session.

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I love dying on stage.

-Adam Flowers

I read the above quote here. I always enjoy reading about former Opera San José artists. I frequently wonder what they are up to. Especially the nice ones. (Adam was gracious to the orchestra. I always appreciated that.)

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Done with the dentist.

Readers here probably already know about my dentist issues. So I won’t go into that.

But I will rant about the whole “talk at me while my mouth is gaping open thing” … WHY does the assistant do that? And does she really think I’m flattered when she tells me she goes to Opera San José productions and that she managed to only fall asleep once during Rigoletto? Hmmm. Okay. Whatever. Maybe I should tell her, “I was only bored during part of your conversation with me this time!” Ya think?

Now it’s clean house, practice, and teach. Tonight I’m back at UCSC for the orchestra concert.

Possibly a more scintillating post will appear here later. Possibly not.