23. February 2008 · Comments Off on Late Arrival · Categories: Ramble

I’m home. Finally. It’s actually only about 15 minutes later (I doubt anyone in my house even noticed!), but it feels much later.

We had a delay before the final act; tonight’s Rigoletto, it was announced, would be unable to finish the opera. Scott Bearden had to be called and he came in and finisehd up for us. This meant a bit of a pit sit while we waited.

These things happen. I remember at least two other times when we had to do this, and I’ve read about it in other places.

I think we need a replacement for the oboist as well. Just in case her reed says, “No more!”

Anyway, I’m quite exhausted and I need a good sleep. (FYI for my mom and sister: I have a feeling I’ll be staying home tomorrow morning. I really need to get some energy going here, and I think rest is the only way ….)

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