24. February 2008 · Comments Off on Ah, Reviewers … · Categories: Ramble, You Gotta Be Kidding

I’ve heard of reviewers going to half a concert and reviewing the whole thing. Oh yeah, there was also that reviewer who didn’t attend the concert and wrote up a review. Only trouble was the program had been changed. Big Oops. And loss of a job.

Now a magazine has reviewed an album it never listened to. Amazing, if it’s true. Especially since they mag seems to think it was okay to make an “educated guess”.

But then again … it was Maxim. (No link here; why bother?) I’m guessing they had other things on their minds. Or other places. It’s not exactly a magazine worth wasting much time over. Right?

(Thankfully I don’t believe any reviewers around here skip out early on concerts these days — the one who did is not longer working for the paper — and I pretty much trust them to give what they think is an accurate review. I have never known one to fake an entire review.)

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