We did our last performance of Rigoletto this afternoon. I have to say, I just love that opera. Great music. So well put together. And very fun to play. I’ll miss it.

Now I’m sitting at home, wasting time on the Academy Awards. I must say that the nominated songs are really pretty darn awful. That was all they could come up with. Yikes. And John Travolta is downright scary.

Hold on … here we go …

Best song?

(Please let it be “Falling Slowly” which is the only one I can stand … or “Raise it Up” which is bearable.)

… here we go …

Falling Slowly

Thanks, guys. I like the tune. It’s pretty. (Dan says it sounds like another song. It’s definitely not terribly original. But it makes me smile.)

Besides, the guy who is talking sounds kind of sweet. I like sweet. And it’s a movie (Once) I want to see ….

Stupid orchestra, though … give them at least a moment to talk. Geesh.


Jon Stewart just brought out the woman (a musician!) who was cut off by the orchestra (how ironic, eh?) and she got to finish what she was saying. Man. That was the best thing ever. Woo hoo! Kudos to Mr. Stewart.


I’m not going to go into detail and point out the instrument, but someone sounds awfully bad during the segment showing all the folks who have died this past year. Yikes. Bad stuff.


  1. yeah, i think i heard what you heard 🙂 i didn’t like it either. but i was glad there were a few shots of the orchestra. and that marketa got to come back and speak. i looked her up on imdb, says she’s born 1988, that seems so young! and i thought it was amusing that Jon called glen hansard arrogant 🙂 i enjoyed the show!

  2. i was discussing the aforementioned “bad stuff” and someone suggested it might be the result of musicians doubling on a secondary instrument they’re not as comfortable with . . .

  3. I figured it was a doubler. I also thought that perhaps everyone was hired rather late, due to not knowing if the event would even happen. Certainly I’ve heard much better doublers in LA, so I’m guessing the top guys weren’t available. (There was one I heard that didn’t even sound like a doubler, he was so good!)