26. February 2008 · Comments Off on Former OSJ Artist in Residence · Categories: Links, Ramble

When I see a name I recognize, and see that a former Opera San José singer is getting work, I always want to cheer. The instrumentalist’s life might be a bit difficult, but I think the singer’s life is much more difficult.

So hoorah for Jason Detwiler. I see his picture here, and he’s singing Eugene Onegin with Virginia Opera. (We do this opera next year, and I’m looking forward to performing it again!)

I see, too, that he’ll be singing with Santa Cruz Chamber Orchestra on April 6. Well rats! I was going to play that job (although not on the Fauré—no oboe!), but it turns out I’ll be in SoCal doing wedding stuff then. Such is life.

Jason was one of my faves in Opera San José. So yay for him.

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