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Blogging at its freest is like going to a masked ball. You can say all the spiteful, infantile things you wouldn’t dream of saying if you were in print or face to face with another human being. You can flirt with anyone, or try to. You can tell the President exactly what you think of him. You can have political opinions your friends would despise you for. You can even libel people you don’t like and hide behind an alias. (It’s very hard to get back at anonymous bloggers who defame you because, by an act of Congress, Web site administrators aren’t liable for what’s written on their sites. And erasing anything on the Web is almost impossible.) You can assume a new identity and see how it flies—no strings attached.

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(And may I say right off the bat that I’m sort of hesitant to link to this because … well … looks like I’m playing the game or something. Silly me.)

I don’t care for anonymous blogs. I tend not to read them. I like accountability. Anonymity seems … dare I say it? … cowardly. (Sorry to you anons out there, but I am just being my old honest self.)

Uh-oh. I’m probably in trouble now. 🙁

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