29. February 2008 · Comments Off on A Quiet Week · Categories: Links, Ramble

After Rigoletto this week has felt a bit odd. I will admit that it’s nice to be home every night, but I get rather lazy, and I sure watch a lot of junk TV. But I’ll remain a Project Runway junkie, (Hey … PR idea … design for an orchestra! Tee hee. Of course I also think they should design mother-of-the-bride dresses. But will they take my advice? Doubtful!) and I’m so not into American Idol that I simply don’t care a bit about the show. Funny, since the latter is supposed to be about music, and the former isn’t, but PR just feels so creative, and AI doesn’t feel, to me anyway, as if there’s an ounce of originality there. (When I had it running last night as I was doing all my banking biz I heard someone singing a Carpenter’s song and she sang with nearly the exact inflections and all as the original. Who needs a copy of an original, huh?)

Anyway … I ramble … but it has definitely been a quiet week. I’ve had some time to start working a bit more seriously on some future concert music. I’m doing a couple of works by James Cohn on and all-Cohn concert at SCU, so those are on the music stand. One is a woodwind quintet and the other a work for solo violin, cello and woodwind quintet. Should be fun. In addition, I’ve pulled out the English horn and done a bit of tooting on Rite of Spring. Trouble is, I don’t know which part I’m playing yet. (There’s a third oboe/English horn doubling book and a solo English horn book.) I’m working away on the much more important solo book, but who knows which I’ll get? Certainly I don’t! Still, it’s wonderful to work up that piece again … such a fantastic English horn part. Not completely easy, but I love it and it’s fun to play. Prior to the Stravinsky I’ll be doing a couple other SSV concerts, and the first includes Strauss’ Til Eulenspiegel and Suite from Der Rosenkavalier. More English horn for yours truly.

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