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But someone does. 😉

Check it out. Have a listen. (Found via this site)

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You can read about a critic’s life. But trust me on this one: an oboist’s life is even better.

I’ll have my hunk of a secretary blog about it tomorrow. Right now I’m due for the massage and then I’m flying to Italy for a little meal.


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Yes indeed, this violin playing robot was so expressive and lovely. I couldn’t stop crying. Besides, the robot looked a bit like a Stormtrooper and what could be better than that?

Oh. Right. A reed making robot. Duh.

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Everyone needs opera glasses like these. Right?


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I love music. I love listening to it. But when you just listen, you can be 100 percent; when you have to serve music, you must be thinking of others, not yourself.

-Van Cliburn (NPR interview)