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Lorin Maazel is on Charlie Rose. They are playing a part of the slow movement of the Dvorak. Is it just me, or does the orchestra get a little off right after the oboe lick? I’ve listened to it twice now, and I’m still hearing that. Hmmm.

The audience looked so serious. I didn’t spot one single smile. Maybe it’s just that that movement doesn’t cause anyone to smile.

It’s interesting to hear that there was an anti-American banner that the musicians saw on their way from the airport. I would have thought North Korea would have hidden those sorts of things. (Does it sound like Charlie Rose said “North Korear”?)

“You don’t improve terrible conditions by playing Dvorak’s New World Symphony,” (Or something close to those words; I’ll go online and listen again later and verify the exact words.) says Loren Maazel.


I am weary of hearing people imply that music will solve world woes—that music will bring peace. (If you knew the musicians I know ….) Music is music. Music can empower at times. Music can motivate and maniplulate at times. But music doesn’t change the nature of humankind.

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  1. Yes, I agree it sounds like he says “North Korear” and Yes, I agree that it sounds like the flute player gets behind the clarinet and the oboe trills! Good ears!

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