03. March 2008 · 1 comment · Categories: Links, Ramble

A lot of symphony orchestras have now put up next season’s schedule. I’m going to be perusing them in the next few days—mostly so I can use the word peruse, really. 😉

But for the moment, I just want to say that Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra has a very nice looking site and I like that. It’s clean. It’s clear (from the brief amount of time I spent there, anyway), and it feels intelligent to me. Besides, they have that blog thing going. I read it frequently and always enjoy it.

I like sites that look clean. I like sites that don’t yell out, “Look how many fonts we can use on one page!” or “Look how many different styles of art (or clip art) we can use!”

I like simplicity I guess. I’m a simple girl.

I would also like to grumble (because I’m so good at that!) about the titles of the concerts. Some are so idiotic it’s embarrassing and I get to the point where I want to suggest they are called “Concert #1 … Concert #2 … ” you get the idea! I just saw this one: “A Classic Easter and Spring Fever”.

Doesn’t do it for me. You?

Okay, enough complaining. But bravo to SLSO and what I think (although who am I?!) is a lovely site.

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  1. These hokey titles don’t do much for the musicians but one hopes that this kitsch grabs the AUDIENCE.

    I noticed that both SSV and the Sacramento Philharmonic programmed Elgar’s “Enigma Variations” this season. Your set was called “Violins and Enigmas” and Sac’s upcoming performance is “Elgar’s Enigma”.

    I guess the word “enigma” was just too enigmatic to resist.