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So … I wasn’t going to put anything more up today, but when I saw that someone from Delaware was here, I just had to shout about it. I’ve now heard from every state in the US. Woo hoo!

Having been visited all the way from Botswana I was really wondering what was up with Delaware.

Anyway … welcome!

Royal Opera House withdraws naked billboard

The Royal Opera House has been forced to withdraw one of its posters after a performer who appears naked in the centre of the image claimed it had been unflatteringly distorted.

Juan Pablo di Pace, 28, now an established TV and film actor, performed in the ROH’s production of Verdi’s Rigoletto in 2001.

Despite the fact he has not been part of the opera for several years, a picture of himself naked at the centre of the crowd has been repeatedly used to publicise the production.

The actor, born in Argentina, has contacted the Royal Opera House saying that if they are going to continue using the photo he should receive some form of payment. He has also complained that the image appears to have been distorted so that a certain part of his anatomy appears much smaller than it is in real life.

The guy is clearly naked, so if you are one of those who don’t want to see things like that, don’t click on the paper’s link to the billboard (duh). It’s safe to click on this article link, though 😉

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Simon Cowell to produce ‘Billy Elliot’ style musical on life of Opera singer Paul Potts

Simon Cowell is set to produce a film about the life of one of his proteges.

The film will be based on the overnight success of Opera tenor Paul Potts.

(Read here)

Okay … maybe one little comment …

How appropriate. Because everyone knows Simon Cowell is the true judge of operatic talent.


Okay … maybe one more comment …

Turning this particular opera star’s story into a musical seems, somehow, appropriate.

Okay … one final comment …

This is all a joke, right? Is this an Onion feature?

(I think I’d better go hide somewhere now, because I’m sure I’m gonna get in trouble for this.)

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I enjoyed playing Lou Harrison’s work, Elegiac Symphony, several times back in San Jose Symphony. I just read this:

… Lou Harrison’s “In Memory of Victor Jowers” (originally scored for clarinet and piano or English horn and harp), honoring a friend who died of blood cancer.

Really!? Well gee, I want this work! Anyone know of it? This might be a good work for my next UCSC recital, should I retain my position there. Lou did a lot at UCSC, and UCSC professor Leta Miller has written about him … guess I’ll check with her on this!

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I’m glad to be going back to my roots and re-establishing the integrity that I’ve had in my music.

-Kenny G