We are just home from the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra concert. I can’t blog; I’m simply far too tired. But I’m not sure how much I’d say anyway, as I don’t review these things. So just a couple of notes:

  • We had fantastic seats, although I couldn’t see the principal oboist.
  • I could see Russ deLuna. He appeared to be playing kind of slanted to the left. Might have been where I was sitting, though.
  • They seated latecomers between the two movements of the Schuman. I found it disruptive. (So was the coughing between every movement of the Beethoven.)
  • This orchestra moves very little. Very, very little. The most movement (still minimal) was by the always fabulous Stephen Paulson.
  • For the life of me I didn’t remember the solo string parts in the last movement of the Beethoven. That was a surprise.
  • MTT must do ballet on the side.
  • It was thoroughly enjoyable … and especially the Schuman! Something new. Something I’ll be downloading from emusic.

    Thanks, SFSO, for a very lovely night on the town!

    (I missed Project Runway just for you. 😉


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    2. I noticed the excessive coughing at SFO’s concert last Saturday as well. I guess a LOT of people in SF have been sick!

      My violinist friend R.A. noticed something interesting about the musicians in that orchestra — none of them are at all overweight. We wondered if that was intentional or just an accident.

      MTT is certainly a stick (no pun intended!) especially when viewed from the back. My partner James, who’s very visual, thinks MTT ought to get a personal dresser. His slacks were baggy and flopped in a distracting way whenever he crouched on the podium, which was often.

      Okay, okay — back to the Music! 😉

    3. There were a couple of overweight musicians that I saw. I won’t, of course, name them! 😉

      I thought it odd that MTT wore a suit and the men had to wear tails. Why not all suits? The soloist, too, wore tails. Hmm.