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Who are the three Bs? What’s the difference between a symphony and an orchestra? Which instruments make up a piano quartet (Hint: It’s not four pianos).

If you’re interested in building a classical music library, chances are you’ll come across questions like these. Here (timpani roll, please) are the answers: (1) Bach, Beethoven and Brahms; (2) A symphony is a type of orchestra; and (3) Piano, violin, viola and cello.

It’s #2 … hadn’t heard that definition before.


I guess the writer is distinguishing between a chamber orchestra and a symphony orchestra …? But some groups go by “orchestra” and some by “symphony” and others by “symphony orchestra” and all groups might be the same size. So I dunno.

Reading further … makes me really wonder about that “Silelius” guy. (I’m guessing that one will be corrected. And soon. We’ll see!)


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