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This is for university instructors who do the private teaching thing. I’m just curious …

At the university level do you think instructors should audition students and only take those who are at a certain level? Should the instructor have the right to turn away some students?

I’m asking because I’ve pondered this for a while. Some university classes have prerequisites. For some, students just know better (I hope!) to enroll, knowing they don’t have the knowledge and they they’d certainly fail. But what about what I do? What if I turn away someone who has so much potential that, perhaps in only a year, a formerly beginning student is quite advanced? (It can happen.)

I’d ask about how you grade too, but I have to run off to teach at the university! 🙂

(Please know I’m not complaining. I really AM curious. I think it was spurred on after hearing about William Schuman’s late entry into composition. What if he’d been turned away?)

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Northwest Reverb has an conversation with PDQ Bach. Fun.

I remember when he came to San Jose Symphony. He, of course, had to enter in some bizarre way. Funny. It was a great show. Funnier. The next week the symphony received a very hostile letter from two elderly women … or maybe they actually went to complain the night of the concert. I can’t remember now. They thought they were going to a Bach concert. They were furious.


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Well, whether one thinks that’s good or bad, that is just simply, I don’t think, that Maria would sing, or in fact anybody would outside of opera, where it’s always allowable to sing nonsense.

-Stephen Sondheim (Commenting on some lyrics Leonard Bernstein had written for West Side Story which were nixed)

(The lyrics:
Once in your life, only once in your life, comes a flash a fire and light, and there stands your love, the harvest of your years.)