I play professionally on a Laubin oboe and am thinking of buying a second oboe by a different maker. It is essential that the instrument be made to play at A-440. Are there certain makes to avoid? I was thinking of trying a Mariguax or Rigautot [sic]. Also, are you familiar with oboes made by Josef, and if so what can you tell me about their instruments?

Read what Geoffrey Bridge has to say in answer.


  1. I’m a little sad he didn’t mention the Yamaha. My prof is always rhapsodizing about its ability to play in tune.

  2. I’ve never seen a professional model Yamaha Ren. Do you own one? If so, fill me in … how do you like it?

    The only Yamaha oboes I’ve seen are student level instruments. I recommend Fox Renard and MCW over those; the metal seems to be awfully bendable!

  3. Hi Patricia, Forrests has some Yamahas. I’ve played some and have my feelings about them, but I’d prefer to discuss in private.

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