08. March 2008 · Comments Off on Bands Are Loud · Categories: Ramble

… I guess I should write “Wind Ensemble”, since that’s what the UCSC group calls itself. But Wind Ensemble=Band to me. So whatever.

I went to the UCSC W.E. concert last night. The students did a good job. But man, are they loud! Too loud, I think, for the recital hall. (When I first came to UCSC I had heard rumor that we were getting a larger concert hall. I guess I heard wrong.) I finally put in my earplugs. I wonder if any of the W.E. members know that that might be a good idea for them as well. When you have a multitude of brass and percussion, ears can be damaged. Damage is usually not reversible.

I try to get to my university students’ concerts as much as possible. It’s not easy, considering my schedule and overlapping concerts between SCU and UCSC. (I couldn’t make SCU last night due to UCSC.) It’s always good to hear students in action, and to see what goes on on the stage. I take notes, so I remember to fill them in at the next lesson.

Good job on your solo, Hailey!

Today it’s back to Santa Cruz for a rehearsal and concert of my own. I’ve been driving to Santa Cruz far too much this quarter. With the cost of gas this isn’t a good thing.

Nor is the fact that I think I’m coming down with a cold. (Grumble.)

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