11. March 2008 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

I’m home, and have been so for about an hour. Driving from UCSC can take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. I usually drive counter-commute, so life is good. Today it was a nice, easy drive. So I get home, heat the last slice of Jameson’s pizza (thanks, Jameson!), and check comments here.

Now I rest up for a short time. Then I teach private students here.

And THEN?!

Well, then I drive back over the hill to hear the woodwind quintet play the first and second movements of the Taffanel quintet. (We always have to choose selected movements because there are a number of chamber groups that perform. I’m hoping that eventually they’ll get their very own performance night. We’ll see.) They sounded great this morning, so I’m expecting a fun concert, even while I’ll have to work very hard at stifling this cough.

I think I coughed some things out of place … I’m feeling somewhat funny. I also think I’m experiencing what a friend of mine used to deal with; my esophagus seems to be doing some kind of spasm thing … or at least something is weird. Just in time for Symphony Silicon Valley and Strauss, wouldn’t ya know? Okay. More information that you didn’t need to know.

So now I rest. I can’t be too weary when I go back & forth over the hill. (I know, I know, I AM over the hill … sigh.)


  1. I sure hope you feel better soon!
    This Strauss set (PLUS Appalachian Spring, AND tuba concerto!) is going to be very demanding for all involved. I’m playing 2nd horn on the whole thing.

    Too demanding, methinks — especially with a guest conductor, which can go either way.

    Drink some “throat coat” tea.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. Hi Patty,
    Sorry you’re feeling poorly. It’s not fun playing all those jobs when you feel lousy. You mentioned about a spasm in the esophagus. We’ve all been having terrible upper respiratory problems in this area although, I don’t think we’re having any more than other places in the country. I had it bad for 3 months even with antibiotics and OTC drugs but then I went to an alternative medicine clinic. They said that many times that kind of stuff is more of a “gut” thing. I was pretty skeptical until I went on their anti-inflammatory/low glycemic food plan and it finally cleared up for me. I thought maybe it had just run it’s course so I started eating some things not allowed on my list and boom, it all came back again that day. I went back to eating right again and the symptoms went away. This is just a thought and maybe you just need some rest but when we’re worn down, our food choices can make or break us. If you’re eating processed foods, fast foods, white stuff like sugars, breads, rices, pasta, these are the inflammatory foods that can mess up our immune system. Believe me I love all these kinds of foods but compared to being sick for 3 months, it’s worth trying. I ate mostly vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, green teas, and as much organic as I could find to get better. Hope you get to feeling better soon and sorry I got carried away with such a long comment.

  3. Well, we see how tomorrow goes, Cameron, but I’m really sorry it’s such a huge program; I think it’s a mistake. TIme will tell, eh?

    And thanks for the well wishes from both of you. Janet, we “eat organic” so at least that’s good, but I probably do eat too many breads.

    I think mostly I just need some rest. Which I am going to go get … right now! 🙂