I like control. I’ll admit it: I’m a control freak. (My poor daughter has to deal with this in regard to her wedding. She’s coping, but I know I’m a challenge. Still, I’ve helped with the photographer (my FAVE of everything I’ve located), the floral arranger, finding a cake, the location and the guitarist … so I think she’s okay with me. Sometimes. Or maybe I’m just trying to justify my annoying habits!)

But I just read this:

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is the first major orchestra to partner with InstantEncore.com to place recordings on the Internet. Many of the ISO’s Lilly Classical Series concerts will be available online within two days after the live performance. People will be able to listen for free and download many of the programs for a small fee.

My immediate thought is, “Gee. Do the musicians have any say? What if someone—say a control freak double reed player or something— hated her performance?” Hmmm.

I read the announcement here.

I know that Symphony Silicon Valley puts some of our works up at the site. We aren’t asked. I’m sure the conductor is asked. But we aren’t. Makes me very nervous. Sort of like I’m out of control.

Speaking of out of control: my ear or jaw or whatever it is issue is back. What a pain this is! It’s always on my left side. And, if I go by this picture I guess it’s the “crest of helix” that is sensitive to the touch. But is it really that that is hurting, or is it my jaw and I only feel as if it’s that? I honestly don’t know. My dentist saw nothing that looked wrong. I went to the doctor once to see if I had an ear infection (not thinking that hurting on the outside doesn’t signal an ear infection … duh!) and she said everything looked fab. So what the heck this is I don’t know, but it’s enough to keep me from moving, it hurts so much. And yes, I’ve taken pain medication. So far it hasn’t kicked in. You know how sometimes something hurts enough you feel like you are going to throw up …. (Sorry. Maybe I shouldn’t gross all of you out?)

I’m only blogging this in case someone has had this and can say, “I know exactly what this is!” Maybe then I won’t feel so crazy. 😉


  1. Poor you – with the ear, I mean! You know, I often get an “earache” when I have a cold – have you tried something that might reduce swelling instead of painkillers? You probably have, I guess!

    The other subject in today’s post is what I am working with at the moment (among other things), we have created a group consisting of representatives from both management, and soloists, dancers, choir and orchestra to discuss these new areas that aren’t covered in our existing agreements concerning performer’s rights.

    What you mention we call “on-demand -services”, the live transmissions via satellite that we do (like the ones the Met have been doing for some time now) is also part of the discussion. And of course pod-radio and all other new ways of listening and watching. It’s a bit of a jungle, and I am very happy that we have employers who actually want to regulate these areas… I’m not sure if we will actually be able to make a good agreement that is to everyones satisfaction, but it’s a start anyway!

  2. Oh do keep me filled in, Katarina! I’d love to hear how this all goes. This is such a new area, and we simply don’t have a lot of guidelines, do we?

  3. I would recommend craniosacral therapy. It is a wonderful, non-invasive therapy that can really help with pain that can’t be addressed by conventional therapies. I could ask around here (Portland) for a recommendation, if you are interested. Otherwise, a google search will bring up lots of references for you there. Good luck!

  4. If it isn’t covered by my medical I really can’t go there (money … sigh), but thanks. Meanwhile … it’s gone. Whew!

    A colleague did tell me she’s had this, and that it can very well be related to my cold. At least I know I’m not the only one … somehow that helps! 🙂