Sviatoslav Richter felt comfortable on the stage, but at times he was unable to go anywhere else without clutching his pink plastic lobster.

Well, maybe not. I’m not a pianist. And I’ll never be famous. (RTWT. I found the link via collaborative piano.)

I don’t know that I have any goofy habits like this. At least not that I know of! I’ll shake your hand. I am not one of those who can’t eat before performances. I don’t have any superstitions. I just want to be sure to remember to bring my oboe, reeds and music to the concert. That’s important. I’m an obsessive swabber, but if you ever had water in a key during a very important solo you’d be too. Other than that, I think I’m boring. So sorry.

But if I were a famous oboist maybe things would be different. Maybe I’d have to search for a plastic lobster.


  1. Ha! I’ve always scoffed at such affectations.

    After all, what possible benefit might one derive from a plastic lobster without a tinfoil* helmet?


    * And no, aluminum foil will NOT suffice for this application.

  2. Well, truth be told, I’m wondering if the lobster is really the correct beast. It’s a bit … I dunno … pinchy. I’m thinking squid, perhaps? There’s got to be SOME use for squid. And is plastic really the answer?

    But sure, tinfoil sounds good.