13. March 2008 · Comments Off on I Wonder · Categories: Links, Ramble

One of the audience favourites at Opera in the Paddock each year is David Hibbard, the bassoprofundo, as he calls himself.

And he returns the compliment, saying he’s “fallen in love with the North West and its people”.

Do you think the writer believes that the singer has labelled himself some sort of “profound bass” or something? Hmmm. It seems as if the article is implying that the singer has chosen a title for himself. Basso profundo* is the lowest bass voice, not a claimed regal sort of name. Weird.

Maybe I’m just interpretting the article incorrectly, though. It can happen.

*I had typed “basso profunco” originally. (Thanks, DK, for catching that!) But I do sort of like it. As my friend asked, “Is that a professionally funky bass, Italian style?” 😉

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