14. March 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: Ramble

I’m just home from the kiddie concerts. We played Der Rosenkavalier Suite for them (broken up into manageable slices) as well as parts of Appalachian Spring Suite. If I’d had my druthers I would have opted for the Copland and the Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto (which would have put me out a job this morning, but whatever), but I guess that wasn’t to be. Just seems like kids might get a kick out of a tuba soloist, and I think if we’d ended with the Copland they might have been leaving with “Simple Gifts” in their heads. But they all seemed quite chipper when we were walking out to our cars, so I guess we didn’t put them to sleep or anything. (Or maybe we did and they were so well rested they were all in great moods. Or maybe it was just that missing school thing ….)

In any case, I’m having a bowl of tomato soup (probably my last Campbell’s soup since they don’t make lids that are recyclable) and toast. And … well … this sounds fairly silly, but I used our new toaster (ours is black, but I don’t see that at their site) and I love the way it toasts. So thank you, Cuisinart, for that. (But would you get your coffee grinders to grind just a wee bit finer, please? I’m not sure I like the new grinder I bought to make my latté. Hmm.)

I teach a bit later, and then it’s back to SSV for our final rehearsal for the weekend performances.


  1. I try to be really conscious about recycling too. Re the soup: I take soup to school every day, but I use the old-school cans. I keep a ceramic mug there to heat it up in, and just chuck the can, lid and all, in the recycle bin.

  2. Yes, I should do cans if I’m gonna do soup at all. Considering the sodium content of Campbell’s I should just skip their stuff entirely. (Today it was just a bowl of raisin bran for lunch, since I forgot to eat breakfast!)