15. March 2008 · Comments Off on Well Yes, I ♥ to Whine, Thank You For Asking · Categories: Links, Ramble

Oh. Wait. I meant “I ♥ wine, thank you for asking.” My mistake.

So I’m not surprised when I see this chart that shows that classical music listeners like their wine too.

(Thanks, Scott, for the link.)

Now of course I like a glass of wine … but not before a concert. (Not good for the old embouchure or for focusing or accuracy.) You concert-goers may feel free to have a glass (as long as you don’t sleep through the performance, please!), but my wine must wait until I’m finished working. So I can go home, and have some wine and whine. Who could ask for anything more? 🙂

(We look kind of boring compared to those other folks, don’t we? But we get our ecstasy by listening to music. Really.)

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