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I don’t mind what language an opera is sung in so long as it is a language I don’t understand.

-Sir Edward Appleton

I have a student who mentioned how much she dislikes opera in English. She thought it all sounded very silly. Now, granted, she was listening to Hansel and Gretel, and it wasn’t originally in English, but I know it’s frequently done that way here in the states. I suspect it’s because it’s a “children’s opera”, although it’s sort of funny that we think of it that way; the music isn’t childish, and the subject matter quite dark. It’s only because it has children in it—sung by adult women!—I suppose, that makes us think of it that way.

I did remind her, too, that an Italian opera heard by an Italian speaking person is like an English opera heard by her. If you know what I mean. 🙂

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When this chaotic music appeared, atomic bombs, communism and cold war also surfaced. He believes this chaotic music in no small way contributes to the chaos in modern times. Destructive political movements, such as communism, thrived by killing people in its own society.

Europe boasted excellent philosophers and scholars when classical principles were followed. When music lost its classical values, chaos developed in societies and so for 100 years, music has been struggling to find direction.

Dr. Trey said that “Composers did not have the self-confidence to dedicate [themselves to] harmony, however, the Divine Performing Arts Orchestra and its composers has once more taken this direction. The orchestra incorporates classical styles of Eastern and Western hemispheres so that makes our music unique.”

I read it here, after seeing it here.

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The person next to me in Row E Seat 104 must have been under the impression that this was a sing-along opera, for she sang with nearly every famous aria. She was rather flat, but certainly she knew many of the words. Notably she did not sing Colline’s aria in Act IV, nor did she announce the title beforehand, but thankfully she conducted, swaying her right hand back and forth.

I enjoy The Opera Tattler a lot. But while this story is amazing, I’m not entirely surprised. I’ve heard these StupidAudienceSingers (SAS™). I don’t know what they are thinking when they sing along … or is it that they aren’t thinking at all? It’s just so bizarre and completely inappropriate. Usher intervention would be a good idea, don’tcha think?