18. March 2008 · 2 comments · Categories: Links

Reading about the Columbus Symphony brings back rotten memories. The story sounds awfully similar to San Jose Symphony’s story. And it didn’t end well. I am not hopeful. (Here is one article still available about SJS, in case you are interested.)


  1. The San Jose Symphony article was very interesting. The orchestra’s demise is not unlike Sacramento’s, except that the San Jose “reincarnation”, Symphony Silicon Valley, is a more substantial organization than the Sacramento Philharmonic.

    Of all the orchestras which went bankrupt over the past few years, Sacramento’s is the only one which hasn’t been replaced with anything even approaching substantial.

    The Sac Phil offers five concert sets with single performances, and plays the Nutcracker a dozen times each December. Most of the the Phil’s musicians play several operas.

    Sac Phil’s “leadership” is very conservative, overly so I think; it seems totally reactionary to past excesses. So the organization is not destined to expand any time soon.

    The few times I have subbed with the Sac Phil have felt very stagnant, as though the organization is half-asleep.

    It is very sad. You are fortunate in San Jose to have 1.) kept most of your personnel intact; 2.) a respectable, although reduced season; 3.) a wonderful venue to perform in, the renovated California Theatre.

  2. I do feel blessed, Cameron, having the SSV. It’s not anywhere close to the amount of work we had in SJS, but between that and Opera San José, along with my students, I think I’m plenty busy!

    And yes, the California is wonderful, isn’t it? It really makes a difference, playing there instead of the old CPA. (What a barn that was!) Again, I feel so blessed.

    What a fantastic life! Even with all my whining! 🙂

    I’ve never played in Sacramento. Nor in most anything else on the Freeway Phil list. I guess I’m not on the “A list” … or “B list” … or any list at all! Oh well. I think I’m plenty busy, and there are a ton of very fine oboists who do quite well in those jobs. I certainly don’t begrudge them the work.

    Good to see you last week, btw. Even if there were no horn licks in the concert. (KIDDING!)