I’ve been married to my husband since January 3 of 1976. Yes. Really. When we met he was a student, and played trombone in the band. My first good glimpse of Dan was during recital hour, when he gave a talk about synthesizers. Don’t ask me what he said, but I nudged my friend next to me and said, “He’s a fox!” She looked at me curiously (I guess long hair and a headband didn’t appeal to HER). Some weeks later, when we were all in band (yes, I played in band!) I nudged the other oboist and said, “See that guy up there? I’m gonna get him.” He thought I was joking. I thought it was a pipe dream. But, well, something worked. 🙂

But oh no!!

But now I’ve seen this comic and it appears we should just be friends. Oh dear.

Dan?? Is it curtains? Say it ain’t so Joe Dan!

And Bill Nye? A romantic possibility? Um. I doubt it greatly. Although I guess he likes a hot book now and then, I don’t think he is relationship material.


  1. Jeannette Clemons

    Oh Wow…so CLEAR like Chinese horoscope! I finally met and married my own true Bassoon Love. After pinging thru possible friendship and apathy…. Almost 18 years…

  2. This is certainly a great one. Did you see the one about YOU!?

  3. Perhaps I was fated to play the oboe since I married a bassoonist (even though I was playing horn at the time)?

    And I know someone who plays both bassoon and trombone very well, and she’s married to a clarinet player – don’t know how that impacts the chart.

  4. Someone who plays bassoon and trombone and is married to a clarinet player is just insane. 😉

  5. I did actually make a chart that showed relationships between *all* the instruments, but it looked ridiculous and was impossible to read, so I scrapped it.