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Who do you admit from the waitlist? For example, if someone from state X or major Y declines, are you likely to look for another student like them?

If we go to the waitlist, we will consider what our class looks like as one factor in choosing students. But we’re not strict about it. So, if an oboe player decides to go somewhere else, we may, or may not, try to take another oboe player (why is the example admissions officers always use the oboe player?).

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Yes indeed … why IS it an oboe player? Weird. Sometimes I think people throw in the word “oboe” because it looks smart to know what an oboe is. Sometimes I think it’s because it’s a rather odd word. Or maybe it’s because we tend to be nerdy and that appeals? Oh heck, I don’t know! 🙂

As an aside: there was a time when people got word that oboe was a key to getting into college. Those days are long gone, for the most part. Sure, sometimes it can help. But not often. And it’s a stupid reason to take up the instrument. And keep in mind that you only need so many oboes; an orchestra has a whole lot more strings than oboes. It’s best to check with music schools to see how many oboists they’ll be admitting for a particular year. I’ve read that, for this current year, Curtis needs two, and one music school only needs one. Odds are against you in those instances. But it’s a good introduction to what your life will be like … only a few openings, and lots of applicants for those oboe jobs!

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