The Merc has an article about some upcoming seasons. I’m going to want to check out the new singers listed for Opera San José. I’ll miss the singers who are leaving, but it’s always fun to see and hear the new ones!

Included in the Midsummer Mozart season is the oboe concerto! If I’m remembering correctly, this may very well be the first time someone has done this work in that group. Anyone out there remembering it being done before? I sure don’t. (I was in the orchestra in a few years after it began to sometime in the late 80s or early 90s, and we never did it then.) Laura Griffiths is playing it (current principal oboist of Midsummer Mozart). I’ll definitely want to get to that concert.

Whenever I’m in the middle of a season I start getting quite excited about the next one. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to stay in the moment and not only think about the future. But I do have to think about what’s going on now. And this week it’s four concerts and a wedding. Symphony Silicon Valley is performing Brahms’ Schicksalslied and Beethoven’s ninth. I’m not doing much; I am assistant principal for the Beethoven. But it’s a fabulous concert, and I am extremely excited about the concert because I love both works. With that going on all week, beginning Monday and ending next Sunday, I’m also playing for a former student’s wedding. She chose Faure’s Chanson D’Amour (Op. 27, No. 1) for the processional. It’s actually for voice and piano, but I believe it works very well for oboe and piano. The wedding is in Sutter Creek, and Dan will accompnay with me (and maybe get some good photography time in). Should be great fun!

While it’s a full week, it’s also spring break. So no SCU and no UCSC. But still tons of work and very, very busy.


  1. Good grief. I’m a member of the OSJ company (although certainly not a resident), and currently in rehearsals for an OSJ production. Why am I learning all of this info from the Mercury? I knew about Chris, Rochelle, and Ken, but Isaac’s leaving was news. I knew that Silas was going to be a resident next year, but hadn’t seen the other names (not that I know who any of them are). You’d think they’d announce this stuff internally. Or maybe they did, but just to the residents and full-time employees. You can see where “chorus” falls on the totem pole. 🙂

  2. I never learn about SSV or OSJ via management; it’s always in the press first. We simply aren’t as important as the general public. Having been at this biz since 1974, I am now used to it, even if it still stings.