24. March 2008 · 3 comments · Categories: Ramble

I just landed on a blog of what appears to be notes for a band. They are playing “Star Wars”. It’s just kind of fun to read what they are being told. And to be reminded that in some places a quarter note isn’t a quarter note! (I don’t “get” crochets and quavers and all that, call me stupid.) I wonder, too, if “dun” is a word, or if it’s slang. Anyone know?

Bar 16 : clarinets, flutes andd oboe
-dun hold the notes too long
-running notes (aren’t that slow)

And when I saw one line it made me laugh:

Bar 86: Horns, Oboe and Flutes
-accurate pitching

Yeah. Gotta pitch over the plate, right? 😉

I know, I’m silly. That’s not new news.


  1. I admit to double-checking on dictionary.com, but as I suspectificated, “dun” has two meanings: as a verb it means to make repeated and insistent demands and as an adjective it refers to color (dull grayish brown).

    Dunno as I can quite make either of those fit in context of the above, though…

  2. “dun” is slang. 🙂

  3. So slang for “don’t” then, right? Is it pronounced like it’s spelled? Seems like “dunno” to me. Oh well. What the heck do I know?! 🙂