26. March 2008 · Comments Off on Yet Again · Categories: Ramble

There are weeks when I’m feel entirely blessed in this job I have. Getting to sit in the hall to listen to Schicksalslied last night, this time with the chorus, and then getting to sit on stage for the Beethoven, surrounded by fine musicians, makes this one of those weeks. I realize the word “glorious” can become a word that, after a while, becomes sort of powerless or meaningless or something. But, truly, the music is glorious. I am loving enjoying it and basking in it. And I have the best seat in the house during the Beethoven!

Not having anything to get nervous about helps, too.

Today is a double service day: two rehearsals with a dinner in between. (No, we aren’t provided with dinner, but most everyone eats somewhere nearby since our break is 1 1/2 hours long. Dan frequently meets me for dinner so we get to squeeze a date in!) We’ll finally get to the rest of the Beethoven this afternoon, having only worked on the first and fourth movements so far, and then the dress rehearsal is tonight. We have four concerts for this set, which is quite rare. Turns out, though, that we’ll have the same thing for the Gershwin set (you have to scroll down to the second concert) that occurs in May. Work. It’s a good thing.

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