• We had forgotten just how boring the third movement of Mozart’s Symphony No. 41 is.

  • (I personally think the oboe is squeaky)

  • Didn’t do any oboe practise either. I wanna quit oboe so bad….but I feel guilty coz my parents bought me my own. Still I stuck and I can’t really see myself going anywhere, Plus my teacher is good but I don’t think she’s really the write person for me.

  • There are a bunch of studies suggesting that classical music makes people smarter. But those studies were funded by people who love classical music. Still, maybe good music is good for you. But that’s absurd and cliche.

  • I think my decision to learn to play the oboe can be credited 97% to my love for the duck’s theme, whereas only 3% of the credit goes to my hopeless nerdiness.

  • And remember: a bassoon is NOT an oboe. People are always getting them mixed up. Bassoon BIG. Oboe small. Oboe sticks out like a sore thumb. Bassoon virtually inaudible in a band (darn brass instruments and saxes drown us out).

    1. The last two are priceless, don’t you think?

    2. Indeed! 🙂