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I am just home from playing at a former SCU student’s wedding. It was a moving, worshipful, incredibly beautiful wedding, and I was quite moved. I may write more about that later. We’ll see. (Meanwhile, congratulations and lots of love to both Madeline and Richard!)

But I’m pretty darn tired now. Dan & I drove straight to Sutter Creek from the concert last night, so I was away from home since 7:45 last night. (Sutter Creek is 2 hours 15 minutes away from here.)

I didn’t even take the computer with me … nearly 24 hours without my MacBook, go figure! (While posts appeared this morning, they were planned ahead of time.) I went through withdrawal, but I survived … pretty much anyway.

Now I must take a short rest: I have another Beethoven 9 concert tonight, and it’s very bad form to fall asleep on stage.

Unless your a low brass player. 😉

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… well, for musicians, anyway.

This article is about David McGill, his new book, Sound in Motion, and includes a lot about Marcel Tabuteau and his numbering system.

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Read this interview with Conductor Nguyen Thieu Hoa in Hanoi on the woes of the state of classical music in Vietnam. It’s really what one can read from anywhere, don’t you think?