29. March 2008 · Comments Off on Nearly 24 hours later … · Categories: Ramble

I am just home from playing at a former SCU student’s wedding. It was a moving, worshipful, incredibly beautiful wedding, and I was quite moved. I may write more about that later. We’ll see. (Meanwhile, congratulations and lots of love to both Madeline and Richard!)

But I’m pretty darn tired now. Dan & I drove straight to Sutter Creek from the concert last night, so I was away from home since 7:45 last night. (Sutter Creek is 2 hours 15 minutes away from here.)

I didn’t even take the computer with me … nearly 24 hours without my MacBook, go figure! (While posts appeared this morning, they were planned ahead of time.) I went through withdrawal, but I survived … pretty much anyway.

Now I must take a short rest: I have another Beethoven 9 concert tonight, and it’s very bad form to fall asleep on stage.

Unless your a low brass player. 😉

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