01. April 2008 · Comments Off on An Ever Present Rumble · Categories: Ramble

It began yesterday morning, and it’s still in my ears. Sigh. It sounds like, from a bit of a distance, an engine running. We live miles away from an airport, but sometimes, when the weather is right (or would that be wrong?!), I can hear those engines and that’s sort of what I’m hearing … but it’s right in my ears. It’s also a bit similar to needing to pop one’s ears; I keep yawning, hoping that will make it go away.

When I was having my low iron issue I had something similar, and I thought it was about the iron deficiency. I told one of my doctors about it (after it had gone away and I chalked it up to the iron) and she suggested that it was a virus rather than anything to do with the iron. Since my iron level is fine now, I’m hoping she’s right and that this will go away. It’s going to be very difficult to play the oboe with this constant noise.

Hmm. An airplane is flying overhead. To be honest, the sound is appealing right now, because it comes close to blocking out this ever present rumble in my ears.

Maybe it’s some sort of allergy? I’m guessing it’s not tinnitus. Mostly because I don’t want it to be, but also because I’ve always thought that would be a higher pitched sound. This is quite low … much like the airplane engines (which is why they sound wonderful at the moment—they block it out!).

Ah well. Never a dull moment. Just dull constant humming sound.

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