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Hugh Sung blogs about a tough piece (Ginastera’s Popul Vuh) and how he dealt with it. (Glad my counting explanation helped, Hugh!) He had hoped to record the work as they rehearsed, so he could learn it easier. (He reported that it doesn’t seem to exist on CD, aside from a very expensive recording.)

Most of my colleagues will know the recording idea was quickly nixed.

There certainly are copyright issues, but it’s also in most of our contracts: no recording without permission of the orchestra.

I know it seems stupid to many people, but thems the rules, so there ya go.

Someone once recorded an orchestra i used to play in and another musician found the recording for sale somewhere in Europe. Stuff like that really does happen, albeit rarely.

I know Hugh wouldn’t have sold the recording though. And I understand wanting to have a study recording.

I’ve been told that subs for musicals on Broadway bring in their little recording devices when they are auditing a show before they come in to play. I know because one of those musicians moved out here and was subbing for me. She brought in her recorder, but the contractor saw it and had her turn it off. She was astounded. She had recorded numerous musicals in New York. Many were brand new, still under the stringent copyright laws.

It’s an interesting issue, isn’t it? Recording for the betterment of one’s performance, but breaking copyright laws and/or union regulations …?

What a can of worms. I think I’ll not touch this.

Oops. Already did.

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