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… to see the anger or hurt feelings or simple disagreement about who is most popular in classical blog world. It’s not really a competition … is it? I’m doing this mostly because I want to. It’s not about being most popular (I’m an oboe player; I gave the popular thing up long ago!). It’s just that I like to blog. It allows me to relay news some might not catch. It allows me to vent. It allows me to whine. And of course it allows me to share the music life I lead with others. Along with various other things, of course.

But Scott compiled a list a while back. Heck, I think I might have done one too, actually, although I can’t remember for sure and I can’t find it. Maybe it was another of my strange dreams. (check out recent pattyo entries).

Some are not so sure which is the best way to compile the list. Scott sounds a little unhappy about not being acknowledged. (Sorry, Scott! As always I feel as if it’s my fault. Go figure.) Lisa thinks that ACD’s method gives her too much credit. (Gee, are we related?!) Drew feels that some are being overlooked (you have to read the comments at ACD’s place). Classical Convert put together his own list because he felt ACD didn’t do right by him and some others. Due to these last lists I’m an entirely new person.

Or not.

Sure, it’s fun to be able to see that some people read this little blog. But really, would I stop blogging if I didn’t make the list? Heck no.

I blog, therefore … um …

Oh never mind.

Places to visit to see how popular classical bloggers are:

Musical Perceptions
Sounds & Fury
Classical Convert

Hey. I have an idea! (Yes, I’m as astounded as you, but occasionally I really do get an idea or two.) Why don’t all the readers vote with their money? Send $5 to your favorite blogger. Let’s see who wins.

OR … better yet (!!!) … send 5 oboe reeds to your favorite blogger.

Yes. That’s the ticket.


  1. I hear you 100% – I simply like to blog and don’t particularly care where I am on lists like these. Sometimes, I find some new CM blogs that I didn’t know about before fom these lists, which is always nice…

  2. Why is it that I get the advertisement song, “My dog’s bigger than your dog, my dog’s bigger than yours. My dog’s bigger cuz he eats Kennel Ration. My dog’s bigger than yours!” in my head when folks start arguing about which method is best and who should be at the top.

    Of course, being the oboe player that I am, I think, “I should be on the bottom. Or maybe off the list.” 😉

    I’ve learned there are two oboe types; the ones who think they are God’s gift to the world and the ones like yours truly. Go figure. Maybe it’s not just oboists, though; maybe that’s just the world.

    Or maybe I’m totally wrong and simply a very unbalanced individual!