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A symphony orchestra in the southern German state of Bavaria has decided a Swedish piece is just a bit too loud for its audiences — and musicians. It’s decided to scratch the piece from its performance schedule.


Hmmm. Could we also vote on “too trite”, “too awful” and, maybe, “too darn boring”?



  1. I’m a little curious – what piece was it???

  2. 2nd paragraph of the article says:
    It’s never a good sign for an audience when an orchestra’s members start reaching for their earplugs. But that’s what members of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra were driven to by “Halat Hisar” (State of Siege), by Dror Feiler, before they cut the piece from their program due to its “adverse health effects.”

  3. Aahah, the dear Mr Feiler… He is actually israelian, I think, but has been living in Sweden for ages.

    I don’t think he´s ever performed by swedish oechestras, apart from ensembles working exclusively ith contemporary music….

  4. I sa an article in a Swedish paper about that piece, apparently it starts ith an extremely loud recording of machine guns…. That’s music 😉

  5. Hmmm – my ‘w’s seem to be stuck somehow, I’ll have to clean the keys!

  6. I see hat you mean about those pesky “w’s”, Katarina! 😉

    I think the article I linked to above mentions the machine guns too, doesn’t it? … yep … I just checked! Maybe you didn’t see the link? It’s the “RTWT” link above. 🙂

    We begin Magic Flute tomorrow and I have a recital rehearsal tonight. I haven’t played oboe since last Thursday. I wonder if I’ll remember how to put the oboe together …??

  7. Oh! I didn’t realise that it was a link….
    He’s been writing strange stuff like that for ages, I remember vividly a piece where the score included chainsaw, sledgehammers and very heavy chains among other things. Not my cup of tea…

    I’m sure you will remember just fine – both how to put it together and to play.
    In my experience the first few days after a holiday are quite good, but then… 😉

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