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… except that just a few musicians drink beer:

“Would you like your beer in a glass, or do you prefer glass in your beer?”

Yikes! At least Sam Adams has alerted folks … but how many will find that info?

(Yes, I drink Sam Adams beer on occasion.)

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A violinist left his instrument behind and it trying to get it back. Read about it here.

I haven’t done that kind of thing in a while, but I remember doing it a few times. Dan and I would go out after a concert and I’d forget I had my oboe. I never forgot for long, but the fear that hit me when I realized what I’d done was amazingly horrible. And I don’t even play one of those expensive violins!

I feel for the guy. Which is why I’m posting this here; you never know who might read it.

The violin was made in 1972 and has an orange-red finish, carrying the name Ansaldo Poggi, the Italian artisan who made the violin. Ansaldo Poggi (1893-1984) is considered to be one of the better 20th century violin makers, said Ric Heinl who runs George Heinl & Company Limited, a rare and fine violin shop based in Toronto.

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Today should really be a day to recover from the very busy weekend & Monday I’ve just had. But, alas, that isn’t the case, so it’s off to work I go!

I have SCU, then students at home, and finally a recital rehearsal.

At least it means I don’t have to suffer, watching The Giants play. Whew.

Now it’s off to see if I remember how to put an oboe together. If I don’t, I’ll be right back to ask you all about that. 😉 (I’d use this, but they say the pitch is adjusted by pulling the reed in and out, and that our sound is “nasal and thin”, so what do they know?)

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So what can you tell me about nodes? And what if you have one on a vocal cord, but it hasn’t hardened (I think that’s what I was told?) yet. And what if one vocal cord is much larger than the other. And does acid reflux cause any of this?

And and and …

Not for me, of course. I don’t sing well enough to worry about that sort of thing. But what if you were told these things and were, perhaps, supposed to sing a role in an opera — say, The Consul — in the next few months?

What Would You Do? Do tell! 🙂