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Last night’s rehearsal went fine; I remembered how the oboe went together when I taught oboe lessons earlier, so no one was shocked to see me try to fit the bell on the top joint. Whew. I even remembered how to put the reed in, and how to finger an A. The reed I chose seemed to suffice, although I’m not sure about its dynamic range.

I brought both oboes and a ton of reeds, thinking we would rehearse in the recital hall. No such luck; while our group had scheduled the hall for our use this entire week, it was taken away from us. (What a shame that the folks that manage the recital hall in the music building don’t get along with the music department … tons of animosity there. Sigh.) So I’ll go back tonight and hope we get the stage then.

Some readers may not know about the whole reed thing. A reed may work perfectly well in one place and feel wrong in another. Having never played at the SCU location, I really want to figure things out there. Someone said the stage is extremely live. I also am not sure which oboe I will choose, although I suspect it will be “the other”. The one I ordinarily use isn’t as fond of high Gs as the other, and its high Eb sometimes has a slight buzz as well. But will those change in the hall? I won’t know until I try them in there.

And yes, of course some artists have to come in cold and just trust their set up. I’d do it if I had to. I’m hoping I don’t have to go there, though.

But prior to tonight there’s the first rehearsal (orchestra only … not my fave, as I want those voices!) for Magic Flute and a student to teach.

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