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I start to like oboe after listen to Mozart’s Oboe Concerto. But after listen to his Oboe Quartet… I love oboe!!!

I’m always so happy to read things like this … to see someone get excited about music (and of course the mention of oboe makes it even better). And I’m with this writer. I really love that oboe quartet!

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“America is the only country that does not perform opera in its native language,” said director Moira Stern, who also performs as Fiordiligi in the opera.

Okay, first of all, couldn’ “its” refer to two different things? Couldn’t it refer to either America or the opera itself? (Am I making sense? I’m just home from rehearsal and I’m fairly fried.)

But anyway, is it true that on America doesn’t perform operas in our own language? (Since I do know that’s what the writer means.)

I did find out that Opera San José’s Magic Flute will have dialogue in English. I was disappointed. I really prefer the sound of German. Oh well.

But I want opera in its original language. And I’ve written about this before, so I know there are readers out there that disagree.

I read the quote here.

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Already the lost violin I blogged about has been located.

A bag lady had picked it up. Someone saw it and gave her $35 and a ring for it. That person, Wayne Wulff, gets $1,000. Wulff says he didn’t realize that there was a $1,000 reward until later. I’m glad to see that he and his wife are spending the money wisely.

They are going to Vegas.


(Don’t ask me about what I think about gambling. But you can probably guess.)